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This multi-faceted cemetery and crematorium occupies 26 acres of well-landscaped grounds with the highest maintenance regime and is opened to all residents in society. On lovingly-manicured grounds of Coral Ridge stands a chapel with seating accommodation for 400 persons.


Who owns the cemetery?

Coral Ridge Memorial Gardens is wholly owned by Ember Investment Corporation, whose shareholders are Funeral Directors from Lyndhurst Funeral Home, Belmont Funeral Home, Clyde B. Jones Funeral Home, Michael St. Hill & Sons Funeral Home and Waithe’s Funeral Home.

When is the cemetery opened to the public?

Presently, the cemetery is opened to the public daily, sunrise to sunset. We ask that you respect ongoing funerals and people visiting their friends and loved ones for their privacy. The Office is opened Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

Can anyone be buried at the cemetery?

Yes, Coral Ridge Memorial Gardens is a non-denominational cemetery that inters people from many races, ethnic orgins, and religions. That being said, Coral Ridge Memorial Gardens may not be able to accommodate all religious burial practices and traditions. Please contact the office if you have any questions.

What is an interment right?

When you purchase a grave site at Coral Ridge Memorial Gardens, you are granted the right to you and your heirs the right of burial in perpetuity in the grave site(s) designated for which you received an interment/inurnment right certificate of ownership. The Cemetery continues to own the land and cares for the grass and trees.

How do I purchase interment rights/sites?

Coral Ridge Memorial Gardens has a small staff, so please contact the office to set up an appointment. This will ensure we will be able to spend the time needed to answer all of your questions about the Cemetery and the available sites for interment or inurnment.

What is included with interment/inurnment rights?

After payment in full, you will receive a Certificate of Ownership for the right(s) you have purchased. The purchase price includes Endowment care. No additional fees have to be paid by family or friends to maintain the site.

In addition to interment rights, what are the other costs?
  • The opening and closing of the grave. This is the fee for digging, backfilling of the grave, and future levelling and grass seeding at the proper time of year for the seeding of the grave. This fee also includes the examination of our records for the correct location and the updating of our records.
  • The Cemetery also can arrange for a final inscription of an existing granite memorial if needed.
Should I consider buying grave sites before they are needed?

The pre-arrangement of your grave sites will take a huge financial burden off your loved ones when you pass. You will have already made the choice of where you are to be interred, the type of burial, and the type of memorial you want. You can plan ahead and prepay for your grave or cremation and niche, as well as the use of the chapel, chaplain or choir if you so choose.  

What is Endowment Care?

Endowment Care means the care and maintenance of the surface conditions of the lot sites specified, such as grading, fertilizing, seeding, and, as far as possible, the keeping of the purchased site(s) clean and in good appearance. The term “care and maintenance” does not include the maintenance, repair or replacement of gravestones placed or erected upon the site(s).

What does the Cemetery require for a burial or inurnment?
  • The ownership of or permission to use an interment right that has been paid in full. All costs related to the interment/inurnment are paid in full at least forty-eight (48) hours before the burial.
  • The use of a casket or coffin to assist with ground stabilization and the maintenance of an attractive setting. You will purchase these items from the funeral home with which you are working, or have made pre-arrangements.
  • Cremated remains do not have any other burial container requirements for ground burials; however, many families chose to make use of an outer burial container (niche) for the urn. The Cemetery can assist you with purchasing a niche in our Columbarium or your funeral director will gladly assist you as well.
Where can I purchase a headstone?

In-ground vases, memorial plaques and monuments must be approved by and provided by the Cemetery Management of Coral Ridge Memorial Gardens, at an additional cost to the purchaser of such monuments and can be used only in sections of Coral Ridge Memorial Gardens which have been allocated for their use.

In sections where there are common monuments, a proportionate cost of the monument will be borne by the Purchaser of such monument and all plaques to be used on such monuments will be provided by the Cemetery Management of Coral Ridge Memorial Gardens at an additional cost to the Purchaser of such monument. No Funeral Director is permitted to arrange for the sale of any monuments, memorial plaques or in-ground vases on the behalf of Coral Ridge Memorial Gardens.

Does the cemetery still have burial space available?
Yes, we still have available burial space in all of the sections, except for Chapel Lawns. We are also in the planning stages of adding two more sections.
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